Mission Statement

Serving Christ in the Community.



Cairnshill Methodist Church

We are a Church with a commitment to spiritual growth and service in the community achieved through the empowerment and involvement of all members in a spirit of love. Our key purposes are prayer, pastoral care, youth focus, outreach and worship.

We encourage a praying congregation through the development of a prayer ministry and participation in prayer groups.

Pastoral Care
We have a welcoming environment where all feel valued and included.
There are structures in place for visitation and pastoral care which include opportunities for fellowship and participation in study groups to develop spiritual growth in individuals.

Youth Focus
We are supportive and caring of our young people, provide a comfortable learning environment and value their input.
We encourage their involvement locally, at a wider connexional level and facilitate their interest in global mission.

We have systems in place to ensure good communication within our fellowship to encourage the involvement of our members in outreach opportunities locally and overseas.
We are committed to serving those around us, provide activities, share our faith in the wider community and participate in the work of local churches.

We encourage participation in all aspects of worship and we have developed ways to enhance the whole worship experience.

We ensure the realisation of our key purposes by encouraging everybody to identify their gifts and abilities and motivate them to use them to develop their faith and serve Christ, the Church and community through Him.

Louise Donald, 13/05/2015