20th Junior Section Boys Bridage Report 2015-2016 

Our weekly programme in BB is varied to suit the interests and abilities of all of our boys.  We meet each Thursday night and the boys have enjoyed baking, craft, ducking for apples, playing games, solving puzzles and learning some figure marching.  The boys are very active and love football, hockey, crab football, PE and skipping.  In our group work we learn new things and complete various elements of our badge work.  As leaders we encourage the boys to chat to each other and to ourselves and we feel it is important to get to know the boys and share news.  The boys are encouraged to take part in all activities and they are praised for their efforts.
In addition to our weekly programme we have taken part in a number of special events giving the boys new opportunities and meeting boys from other companies.   The boys attended our BB Enrolment Service in Ballynafeigh in November when they were enrolled along with our company section.  During the year we had entered a Table Quiz which was cancelled on the night because of snow. Two boys out of the 5 boys entered a Belfast Battalion Speak out competition and came 1st and 2nd in their age range. We were proud to see our boys try new things. It is all about ‘giving it a go’.  We have attended a BB Carol Service and we also sang carols with other B.B. Junior Section boys at the front of the City Hall at Christmas time, and   enjoyed a trip to McDonalds afterwards. We went Swiming at the Shankill Leisure pool and also attended the Olympia fun sports in February. The highlight for  all our boys was the weekend away at Ganaway in February where all 5 boys took part in the caving, climbing wall, zip wire, high ropes and archery, sleeping away from home and having a fantastic time. Last Saturday 3 of the boys took part in the Mini Cross at Belvoir –WE did not win but got great encouragement from the spectators
All of our activities provide challenges for our boys and we are pleased to see them grow in confidence and in some cases overcome nerves or worries and most importantly have fun together. 

Our biggest problem in the Junior Section is our lack of boys. It has been a difficult for us as leaders providing a programme for 4 to 5 boys
We again encourage our senior boys to go to the Company Section where I can assure you that they will have fun and enjoyment meeting old and new friends
Note all boys who left junior section and went to Company section have stayed –well done

Lastly I want to thank my leaders, Heather Lloyd and David Cather, as we do our best to provide our boys with a broad range of activities and to instil in them the values which form the objective of the BB – “The advancement of Christ's kingdom among Boys and the promotion of habits of Obedience, Reverence, Discipline, Self-respect and all that tends towards a true Christian manliness."  - Harry Grey (90402743/07759168740 -Leader in Charge)

Philip Irvine, 24/03/2015